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Because at The Service Law Offices of Kansas City, LLC we work hard to establish strong relationships with our clients throughout the Liberty area, we also work to maintain these relationships for continued success. We work with you to come up with a plan that makes your representation during a difficult custody case not only a reality, but an efficient and intelligent one.

Chances are that when you are facing custody legal matters, you will not be in the best emotional state. If you are in the Liberty area, you do not have to make decisions alone. It is difficult enough to deal with a complicated custody legal matter, and having to go through all the details and make decisions can be downright overwhelming. Let The Service Law Offices of Kansas City, LLC guide you to make the best decisions for you custody case.

Our 20 years of experience allows us to evaluate cases fairly and accurately. Our professional team is ready to instruct you in the best ways to tackle custody cases. Together with our client, we decide what the best ways to move forward are so that the Liberty courts will have a clear understanding of the situation.

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