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You give up some rights in legal separation while technically still being married, but our Divorce experience helps us counsel you on those rights in accordance with these agreements. Over the past 20 years we have practiced the law; The Service Law Offices of Kansas City, LLC has seen almost every divorce imaginable. While we have our opinions on what the best course of action is for your case, we will happily support you in whatever strategy you decide to pursue within the Harrisonville area.

For Divorce issues dealing with international law or social media, The Service Law Offices of Kansas City, LLC is up to date and can aggressively assert your rights. Often, Harrisonville area clients let their emotions determine their legal decisions. The decisions you make during the Divorce process are critical to your rights and likely outcomes of your case. Our Divorce representation encompasses ample consoling to calm and help you make a rational decision concerning your Divorce case.

We have seen after 20 years in practice the damage prolonged Divorce litigation can bring and try to avoid that experience for our clients. Legal separation is another option that The Service Law Offices of Kansas City, LLC uses and can lead to less stress for the clients within the Harrisonville area. Your Divorce advocate will counsel you on the rights, benefits and drawback of this arrangement so you can make the right choice for yourself.

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We at The Service Law Offices of Kansas City, LLC want your family to get through your Divorce matters as quickly and painlessly as possible. Divorce situations can put a strain on your life and relationships in the Harrisonville area. Don’t let complexity in the Harrisonville area court system make that worse. Call us at (816) 533-4516 to guide you through the legal system today.

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